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10/22/13 - Announcing "Twist-a-Carol IV: Dr. Whoville"


Archive of Vex in the News

8/1/13 - New theater performances highlight annual art show

11/29/12 - "Twist" brings Elgin holiday laughs

11/28/11 - "Twist-a-Carol II" offers fresh take on the holidays

11/23/11 - Vex's "Twist-a-Carol" teaches lessons

9/16/11 - Elgin's Vex presents "Copenhagen"

9/15/11 - Fermilab physicist directs "Copenhagen" at Elgin Art Showcase

12/3/10 - Vex Theatre show puts new spin on holiday classics

12/1/10 - Local theaters re-imagine "A Christmas Carol"

11/7/08 - Vex brings "Old Times" to the present

11/6/08 - Vex Theatre presenting thought-provoking Pinter play "Old Times"

8/14/08 - "Experience theater on walk around Elgin"

4/18/08 - "Vexing Theater"

4/18/08 - "Art imitates human nature"

4/18/08 - "Company stages rarely done Oscar Wilde play"

3/21/08 - "Spotlight on Romance"

9/9/05 - "Mamet plays fill a void..."

9/8/05 - "Vex juxtaposes Mamet men, women"

6/02/05 - "Vex Marks the Spot"

Archived Press Releases:

6/27/13 - Announcing New Summer Show "Muse"

10/22/12 - Announcing Twist-a-Carol III: All About Eves

10/19/11 - Announcing Twist-a-Carol II: Moby Nick

8/17/11 - Local Physicist Directs Smash Atomic Play "Copenhagen"

7/21/11 - Announcing Fall Production of "Copenhagen" by Michael Frayn

10/21/10 - Announcing New Holiday Show: Twist-a-Carol

7/23/10 - Vex participates in the 3nd Annual Elgin Festival

8/8/09 - Vex announces "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

7/12/09 - Vex participates in the 2nd Annual Elgin Festival

9/15/08 - Announcing "Old Times"

7/14/08 - Vex Participates in New Theatre Festival in Elgin

3/25/08 - Rarely Performed Oscar Wilde Play

2/6/08 - Announcing "Lady Windermere's Fan"

8/26/05 - Two Plays By Mamet Performed in Palatine!

5/10/05 - Local Actors Take On a New Challenge

4/21/05 - "The Designated Mourner" Opens June 4

3/05/05 - Announcing Vex's Inaugural Production

Archived Press Photos:


"Twist-a-Carol III: All About Eves"

"Twist-a-Carol II: Moby-Nick"


"Twist-a-Carol: A Turn of the Scrooge"

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

"Forever and Never

"Old Times"


"Lady Windermere's Fan"

"Boston Marriage" and "American Buffalo"

"The Designated Mourner"