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past vex...

The Designated Mourner
by Wallace Shawn 

A dark tale of love, politics, and the value of art in dangerous times.

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THE DESIGNATED MOURNER was performed in June 2005
at Crossroads Theater in Naperville, IL.

"To serious theater junkies around the world, Shawn is considered one of the most creative and confrontational American playwrights of our time."
- Salon 

"A fascinating play with beautiful passages of writing."
- Variety 

"Strange names and even stranger play, but one which worms its way into the consciousness long after the performance is over."
- Time Out

The Designated Mourner
tells the story of three people: Howard, a famous poet and intellectual, who has long been at odds with the regime that rules his country; Judy, his quiet, passionate and loyal daughter; and Jack, his son-in-law, who never quite fit in with the privileged class to which Howard and Judy belong. As the government begins to crack down even on quiet dissenters like Judy and Howard, the issue of what sort of books people like to read and how they choose to amuse themselves becomes unexpectedly entangled with questions of survival.