Richard Geiger

Having won Vex Theatre in a card game...

Mr. Geiger has been going through stages most of his life. His theatre roots run deep, born into an overly dramatic family, one grandfather was even an usher in a movie theater back in the day. And his father was constantly spinning tales about where he had been. First appearing as "annoying little brother" in his older brother's productions of backyard carnivals for Muscular Dystrophy sponsored by the BJ and Dirty Dragon show, he did that whole grade school show thing and the Park District players where as a child actor, he often forgot his lines. Moving backstage, well, forced really, he began doing theatre tech in high school. Then time passed. 

Now living in the suburbs, Mr. Geiger has found his desire to run a theatre rekindled by the lack of "black box" style shows in the 'burbs. Though not highly trained, or even very talented, Mr. Geiger formed Vex Theatre to bring "clueless naiveté" back to its place in the arts. 

Inspired by the works of Bach and Mozart, Mr. Geiger is often seen mumbling and humming to fill time as he vacillates between mindless anger-inspired babbling and periods of catatonic unsociability. He is also one of those curmudgeony guys who hates to talk about himself, and never takes a compliment, though the opportunities for that second one are pretty rare.